Content Manager – Full Pack


You will learn about social networks from scratch until you reach the development of a complete marketing plan.

We will define a strategic plan applied to the client, product or service, we will identify the buyer person, we will learn the concept of customer journey, we will define objectives, we will analyze the competition, we will create a content calendar to finally plan a campaign together with your investment plan and two pieces of content.

You will learn about influencer marketing; a strategy that has become quite relevant in recent years in digital marketing: influencers on social networks, who can bring very good results to the brand.

You will be able to analyze the metrics for social networks and based on these results you will be able to make a social network report and build a dashboard, a key tool to update and monitor your activity. Only then will you be able to make decisions as you execute and monitor your social media strategy.

Upon completion of this online social media course, you will be able to develop as a social media manager and strategist. Planning correctly is the key to success!